Types Of Horse Floats

Buying the horse float means you prefer your horse comfort over money. Buying the horse float will cost you a hefty amount of money but you can’t risk your horse wellbeing, as when travelling is the horse will not feel comfortable that may lead them to sickness or injury. When you have decided to buy the horse float, then you must be well aware of all the factors that can impact your decision. Also, you should do proper research and physically see the different types of horse float before making the buying decision. As the horse float is not the item you buy daily and usually you have to customise the horse float as per your convenience. Once bought it will not be easy to sell them again. There are few factors that need to be considered before buying the horse float;

  • Material
  • Height
  • Safety Features
  • Brakes
  • Angle load Float or Straight Load

Usually, there can be different types of horse float but generally, they are differentiating into the type of Horse floats.

Straight Load Float:

This is the common horse float. In which the horse load in from the front door and the layout of the horse float will be straight. The horses will be standing in the square formation. The ramp or stairs can be used by the horse to get mounted on the horse float. The ramp can be convenient for the horse to mount the float but when it’s wet, it can be slippery. One of the examples of straight load horse float is the square front horse float. In square front horse float in melbourne, the horse can enter from the front door, in which horse doesn’t have to turn to any side. But the straight load horse float is not suitable for more than 2 horses as they will be not much space, due to the limited width of the horse float.

Angle Load Float:

The angle load float seems to provide more comfort to the horse while travelling. The horses prefer to stand in the stance angle while travelling. Usually, the angle load float also has windows or vents to take out their head. The 2-horse angle load float allows loading 2 horses standing side by side. The horses are more comfortable when they have an angled stance, so for 2 horses, the 2 horse angle load float. The angle load float can also allow more horses as the horses are in an angled stance, instead of a straight load you can make multiple horses stand in line. But the entry and exit of the angle load float are different from straight load float. But when you are planning to load more horses on the float, it means their weight capacity should also be higher.