Introduction To Grease Traps

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Millions of tonnes of grease are discharged every day in different cities of Australia. This yearly discharge of grease can be hard to manage if there is limited number of grease traps fixed to your workstations. The grease keeps flowing down the pipes throughout day leaving behind grease traces sticking to the drain walls. As the grease keeps sticking to the pipe walls the things start complex. The grease traces result in stubborn blockages.  Sometimes these blockages become too hard to clear and can cost heavy amount to the owners both at individual and community levels. Together known as the FOG these fats, oils and gas residues can become a hard nut to crack for the drainage system.

It is for this reason that a proper management plan is designed to handle the sewage issues especially those related to the FOG. If you are a home owner and do not want to get bothered by the undue FOG problems then you need to get grease trap Sydney to keep a check on the grease outflow from your kitchens.

Grease traps have is here for centuries now. They look different and operate in a completely different manner as they used to do in the past but the main job is the same. Due to the upgraded versions that keep coming into the market the grease trap cleaning cost are increased too but the users can still get the one that matches their pocket and needs. These grease traps are also popular by the name grease catchers, grease interceptors or grease management devices.  The grease traps are great to use in in different set ups including homes, commercial set ups, public set ups, restaurants and similar.


Working of grease traps

The principle behind the working of the grease traps highlights the facts that natural oils are less dense and so they will not dissolve in the water. This will leave the fats floating on the water surface. After entering into the trap the mixture of water and grease the speed gets reduced. In this time the mixture starts cooling down and you can see this splitting into three different layers. A system of baffles gets hold of the grease. The solid starts settling at the lower levels. The clean water gets separated and then easily escapes from the baffle directed outwards. Some of the recent models ask for higher grease trap cleaning cost due to the sophisticated additions like the strainers that help you get rid of the solid wastes easily.

The amount of the wastewater expelled out and the grease trap dimensions determine that how much time you need between two cleaning sessions to complete the maintenance. The period may differ depending upon the mode of cleaning that you are opting.

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